Interaction Designer



UX Direction & Strategy, Product Design, Usability Research
React Native (iOS, Android)


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Traena was a professional development app with a growing number of unused licenses. We laid the foundation for Traena’s future experience & raised daily average usage by optimizing the app’s navigation & convincing wary founders to do so through co-creation & accessible user research.

What is traena?

Traena is an internal app developed at Pandera Labs through our incubation program. The app uses analytics-driven personalization built on React Native with the idea that moving antiquated employee training to mobile enables users to learn whenever and wherever.

But users were getting more and more lost with each new feature (if they were using the app at all). Traena needed to maintain velocity while optimizing the product to gain & retain user adoption.


  • Co-Founders x2

  • Sales Lead

Product Team

  • Product Manager

  • Design Lead (Me)

  • Technical Architect

  • Product Designer

  • Front-End Developers x2


My Role

I was brought onto Traena’s legacy product team to manage the design strategy & mentor a product designer who was eager to boost her UX skills.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 2.55.08 PM.png

From: “we don’t have time to test”

After starting at Pandera, the first thing I did was run a quick benchmark usability test (literally on my 3rd day). This allowed me to learn & evaluate the app objectively, and show the team how quick and effective user research can be.


to: “when can we run another test?”

Walking the team (who didn’t really know me yet) through my methodology and findings, I was able to definitively answer a question that had been bogging down planning & sprint meetings for weeks, while highlighting additional questions that could be explored further.



(this is the in-progress part)

Task Flow. Flow used to facilitate conversations around requirements & feasibility of new feature

Wireframe. Proposed optimization of existing content tables

User Flow. Illustrates how users would create, edit, and delete channels

User Flow. Closeup

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